Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reasons to start ...

I was not really planning on starting yet another knitting blog. I think there is enough of them on the internet. So why have I started one?

I am not a very organised person. No, I am organised, just not all the time. There are moments that I simply can not be bothered, but then a day comes when I feel this urge to organize, clean and sort everything. I guess this blog is one of the attempts to keep my work and life organized and under control. We’ll see how it goes.

Writing this small online journal could also help me improve my communication skills and my knowledge of the English language. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that English is not my first language, didn’t I? Heh, well, you probably have already noticed my not-so-correct grammar or misspelled word. Get used to it, there will be more. Hopefully with time you'll notice less and less of mistakes here.

So now you know everything. My selfish reasons for starting this blog.

Hope you’ll stick around and leave your comment from time to time.

As for me, I will try to tell you a little bit about what keeps me occupied after work, what caught my attention recently and maybe even share a photo of an finished object once in a while ;o)

… speaking of projects…

I’m currently working on Aleita Shell (Ravelry link)– a lovely sleeveless top (a vest?) designed by Bonne Marie Burns from chic knits. Pattern was published in latest Interweave Knits issue and recommend to use Plymouth Linen Isle (50% cotton, 30% rayon, 20% linen) which I really like. The fact that I have not worked with it before, makes it even more interesting but (yeah, there’s always something) I am trying to KNIT FROM MY OWN STASH and I do not own a single Plymouth Linen Isle skein.

I do, however own a good few balls of GGH Scarlett, that I was itching to use for an elegant garment. Scarlett is 100% cotton, but looks and feels like silk.

My swatch on 4mm needles gave 23sts x 30 rows to 10cm (4”). Plymouth Linen Isle swatches to 21 sts and 28 rows.

I would normally knit the top in a medium size but due to the swatch difference I am knitting a second largest size (42”).

I did, after the size change, stick to the original pattern. The lower body part, knitted in round is finished, stitches for the front overlap were picked and now I am happily working my way through the upper body.

Hopefully this weekend, if I don’t run out of yarn, I will finish this one.

I really don’t know why, but I always have a pair of socks in progress. Maybe because socks are so small and therefore mobile, maybe because they are relatively fast to knit, maybe because I adore knitting tiny stitches, maybe because I can not stop buying sock yarns.

On my needles now, I have Jaywalker socks by Grumperina. Everyone knows Jaywalkers, most of sock knitters made them at least once. Pattern is easy enough for a movie watching night (as long as you don’t lose to many stitches) and the yarn can make this project extremely interesting.

I am delighted to work with Scout’s 100% merino that I received as a part of the Scout’s Indie Swag Club. (Go check her website for the ROUND 3 - sign up on MONDAY). For a long time I was looking at this yarn asking myself: what shall you become? I tried few patterns, none of them made a good impression, until I went back to good old Jaywalkers.

I don’t have enough yarn to knit a pair of Jaywalkers but I found leftovers from another socks (that I may blog about one day) in matching colour which I am using for ribbing and toes. This should let me finish my second pair of Jaywalkers soon.

I am leaving you with this:

Happy Women’s Day!

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  1. Just popping over to say hi! Best of luck with the new blog. And yes, those Daffodils are really beautiful. Unfortunately none of mine have bloomed yet :-(