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Welcome! if you made it so far, I think it is only fair that I tell you a bit about myself, since I am a person behind this blog and Knit Spin Felt. But where to begin?

Once upon a time was a cancer scientist spending long hours in the laboratory, performing an experiment after an experiment and wanting to cure the world of cancer. There was nothing that made me happier than faffing about with my samples, trying to answer the gazillion scientific questions, learning new techniques, meeting other scientist and dreaming of my thesis. I took my time, taking one step at a time, slowly but surely collecting enough results to write it all down in a big fat book, also known as my PhD thesis.  Then in a blink of an eye, I was named a doctor.
This is when everything changed. I left the Alma Mater in search for the “real” job. Young, educated and excited about the new possibilities. With a tailored CV at hand, I have never in my wildest dreams thought that by then my dream job was no more. The most hated word beginning with a letter “R” hit Ireland so hard that we still, a couple of  years after, struggle to  bounce back from the bottom.
Being a victim of a typical Catch-22, unable to secure a job due to the lack of appropiate experience and no place to get the experience from I scratched my head and came up with an idea of turning my hobby into a full time job and this is how KnitSpinFelt came to life!
Knitting has always been a hobby of mine. As most girls, I was taught to knit by my grandma but after completing a bunch of wonky scarves and random squares I soon forgot about knitting needles. I came back to it years later, here in Ireland. It seemed as a natural way of stress relief. Some people do yoga, I knit. I soon developed a passion for lace knitting.
Spinning came second. I think it is a natural progression of a knitter, who learns more about the various materials available, to be curious to learn how the yarn is made. I discovered Ravelry and ETSY and purchased my first spindle and some raw wool. My first yarn was awful, but I practised and practised and got better with time. Then came the spinning wheel. Budget was tight and I could only afford an old wheel. But I cleaned it and restored the broken pieces and now it works as a charm!
Finally, with my growing experience and knowledge of wool and other fibres I started dyeing and felting. These two crafts are the newest to me and there still a lot for me to learn, but I love experimenting and the endless possibilities these two give.
Hope you’ll enjoy browsing through the blog.
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