Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There's a lot you can do with a single skein of yarn

Dziś tylko słowo wstępu po polsku, a reszta po anglijsku, dla mieszkańców okolicznych miejscowosci, robiących zakupy w sklepach w Galway.
Sporo się kręci na moim kołowrotku ostatnimi czasy. A wszystko dlatego, że od kilku tygodni moje włóczki dostępne są w sklepie PippaBlue w samym sercu miasta.
Odwiedzający sklep znajdą tam między innymi::

A lot is happening on my spinning wheel. PippaBlue, a lovely shop located in the heart of Galway started stocking my handspun yarn recently. I'm happy to spin yarn for them and be able to pass them on to someone who appreciate the craft and work involved in making of. Here's a sneak peak of what can you find inside the shop with bright pink front ;)

"Nursery" Hand painted, handspun merino

"Shamrock" Hand painted, handspun merino

"Calm" Handspun merino

"Leprechaun" Handspun merino, angelina and silk

Ready to be delivered to the local yarn shop ;)

Almost all skeins contain 100 yards* (circa about) of handspun and in many cases also hand painted yarn. I know that a hundred yards does not seem like a lot but let me tell you:: There's a lot you can do with a single skein of yarn. Here are some examples:
  • appliqué
  • ornaments
  • cozies for bottles, phones, iPads, iPods, Nintendo DS, small notebooks, mugs, 
  • baby toys
  • hats (from newborn to adult size)
  • baby garments (small sizes)
  • face or dish clothes
  • doll dresses
  • small purses and bags
  • headbands
  • skinny scarves
  • bookmarks
  • fingerless mittens
  • trims (best when in contrasting colour)
Looking for a specific project? Check out this selection on Ravelry.

* larger quantities as well as matching skeins can be made to order. Please use the email provided in the ABOUT ME section if you wish to enquire about custom orders.