Friday, March 14, 2008

Going back in time - Part 1

So I thought that since I have been knitting for much longer than I have this blog, I would from time to time, say, once in a week, post about a long time FO.

I’ll randomly pick one, as I never kept a knitting journal and so I don’t remember in which order I had finished knitting them.

Today I give you something cute – Sheldon the turtle.

I made it a year or so ago for a baby boy of my co-worker. I was intrigued by the construction of the shell – simple yet so effective.

Can’t remember how much yarn was needed to finish this green fella, but it wasn’t a lot.

I did not bother checking the gauge, I like turtles of all sizes ;o) and I am sure the recipient did not mind neither.

Knitted on 4mm needles with a different shades of green acrylic, Sheldon came to life.

I gave him lovely dark brown eyes and only a couple of months ago I realized that the poor thing never got a mouth! Uppsss…

I did however name the turtle and “tattooed” the name on the shelf.

I think Sheldon found a loving owner and started looking for a new pattern for a cute little knitted toy.

There are few of them in my Q even now:

Hearts by Anna Hrachovec - Mochimochi

Sheldon by MyGurumi

Stuffies by Ysolda Teague

Luke the dinosaur by Mia Zamora Johnson

(all above pictures borrowed from Ravelry)

even though I made only one more knitted toy – Bubby, a.k.a Miś Przekliniak.

Knitted from a odd ball of chunky gray wool on 5mm needles this one was a super fast to knit.

He’s all mine! but he lives in the living room –keeping an eye on our TV set ;o)

Have a nice weekend!

I will probably spend it playing computer games as the weather is “gorgeous” ... or I will think about a best pattern for these beauties:

Piece of beauty sock yarn Yummm :)

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