Sunday, March 23, 2008

Śmingus-dyngus and zigzags.

I'm a bit early here...
Today, Easter Monday, is what we call in Poland Śmingus-dyngus or Lany Poniedzialek (Wet Monday). It’s an old custom, from the pagan times, where people sprinkle each other with water using this. It symbolizes the nature’s aw
akening in Spring and start of the new life cycle. Sprinkled person would be successful that year as all evil and sickness is washed away with water. Nowadays it is often more than just a symbolic sprinkle and the poor girls are drenched with water.

I wonder what is it like this year...

I guess there’s nothing else for me to do but to virtually sprinkle you with water (wink) - for good luck of course!

Ok, now back to knitting.

Neither the GGH nor Habu yarn arrived – apparently An Post does not work on Good Friday (WTF?) and I was really hoping to receive the Habu so that I could cast on for the Frock Camisole. Guys from the shop said that GGH was not in stock (although it was when I clicked the purchase button, echhhh…) and I have to wait, wait, wait… I hate waiting…

So due to a yarn shortage, the Aleita Shell project is stalled. All I have to knit is the front, so as soon as I get the yarn (hopefully this year) I will try to finish this one.

The bunny is finished and happily snoozing in the living room together with Bubby and Amigurumi.

I’m currently zigzaging through jaywalkers. The first sock is finished and 25% into the second one. Boy, oh, boy, this project turned out to be more challenging and time consuming that I’ve ever imagine.

I started with 2mm needles and 76 sts. After maybe 10cm in the leg, I tried the sock on and could not pull it through my instep so I frogged leaving only the ribbing. I then Increased to 84 stitches and changed the needles to 2,5mm. Knitted few centimeters and tried the sock on. It fitted this time. Continued knitting until the heel was turned and the instep stitches picked up. Few more cm and I noticed that the instep is big, but fits but the foot looks and is way too big. Yghh… frogged the foot and instep. Changed needles back to 2mm and prayed that this time there will be no more fitting issues. There were none.

There was also one casualty – one of my 2mm bamboo needles snapped in half.

I'm using the broken needle as my cake tester. There's nothing like recycling ;)

I changed the needles to metal for the second sock – metal does not break, does it?

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  1. Anonymous1/4/08

    That is an excellent idea, using the broken needle as a cake tester. I think it would work a lot better than my method (a knife or toothpick...)