Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Small things add up!

I want a spinning wheel... My fiber stash has grown and spindle spinning, although fun, isn't fast enough. And I need a new challenge. I like new challenges. I like new experiences. I like new.
New spinning wheel is rather out of question, as it costs a fortune. I would love to support Polish craftsman and buy i.e Kromski wheel, or any other not-so-famous-brand.
I need to do a bit of research while I'm on my holidays in Poland. See whet is available in Cepelia and how much posting it to Ireland would cost.
I am also keeping my eyes on good eBay offers. I like traditional/ vintage looking spinning wheels. I know, Louet has some not so expensive ones, but I just don't like the way most of them look. I know, it is important how it spins, not how it looks, but still...
My found raising strategy is to buy a tea instead of coffee while I'm at work. One Euro saved! Bring my own lunch instead of buying food at work. Five Euro saved! Money found on the streets, going straight to my saving pig. Small change adds up!
Every 10-15 Euro saved a week brings me closer to the budget needed.
Two Euro went to the saving pig yesterday. More to come today ;o) Yay!

On knitting front: Not much going on really, work has kept me busy all week. I did however manage to finish the first Twisted Flower Sock and add few rows to the bamboo shawl.

How good are you in saving money for something you want but can not afford?

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