Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Od przybytku glowa nie boli (podobno)

Latest additions. Najnowszy przybytek.

Top / Góra:
  • Patons - Misty, Shade/ Odcień: cream 00007, lot/ partia: 1589, 25g ~150m; 70% Mohair, 30% Polyamide; 1 skein /1 motek
  • Inter-fox - Mohair, Shade/ Odcień: 53257, lot/ partia: 868, 50g ~139m; 50% acryl, 25% mohair, 25%wool; 2 skeins /2 motki
Bottom / Dól:
  • Anilux - Sonata, Shade/ Odcień: green, 100g ~294m; 70% cotton, 30% viscose; 4 skeins/4 motki
  • Noro - Kureyon Sock, Shade/ Odcień: s95, lot/ partia: D, 100g 420m; 70% wool, 30% nylon; 1 skein /1 motek
  • Xima - Medusa, Shade/ Odcień: pink, 100g ~300m; 80% cotton, 20% acryl; 1 skein /1 motek
I just LOVE these colours. My next project will be the Swallowtail Shawl. I want one like RunningMommy's (Rav link) (Flickr link and pic below):
Nie moglam się oprzeć tym wiosennym kolorom. Następny projekcik będzie z tej wlóczki. Chcę Swallowtail taki jak zrobila RunningMommy (link na Ravelry i Flickera, plus zdjecie z jej albumu na Flikerze)

I am already finishing someething made of Sonata and will blog about it soon.
A z Sonaty już coś kończę i niebawem o tym napiszę.


  1. I am besotted by Noro as well (see my blogs and projects on Ravelry!). There is a documented natural force called the Noro Effect which essentially makes one unable to resist buying it and stopping knitting with it until the skein is done. ;-)

  2. I have a question about your blocking board. Is this a proper blocking board or did you make it yourself? I've been looking for one like this for a long time now.