Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bloomin' cupcakes and workshops

Hi all! I finally sat down to write all the latest news before I get distracted for another several weeks. So here goes!
I decided to display them on a cute cupcake stand which I bought for a reasonable price in a local shop. I think that now they are eye catching. Don't you?  I like them this way ;)

I loved seeing everyone's work in progress, each person had an unique approach and no two pictures looked alike. Most importantly, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves during the few afternoon hours we spent together and I have already had few inquires about further workshops. I am thrilled that this one turned out to be a success and will come back to The Mood Gallery to run few more workshops in the future. If you're interested in taking part, get in touch with me or Ella (themoodgallery [at] ireland [dot] com).

Part 1 - preparing the design for wet felting.

Part 2 - Needle felting details and finished pieces.
  • I had some leaflets distributed around Galway today, advertising the series of craft workshops I will be running, to the local community. Here's the schedule for May and June/July will follow shortly. 
I need to make sure I have enough material for all of you to work with, so if you're interested, please book your place in advance. I would hate to have to turn you down just because I ran out of wool or felting needles.

Felt landscape – Two 3h sessions (wet and dry felting techniques)
Saturday 14.05 and 21.05 2:30-5:30pm

No previous felting experience required. Learn the basics of wet and dry (needle) felting and create a piece of nature inspired flat felt to take home with you. Classes limited to 4 people.

Felt flower – 2h session 
Monday 16.05 2-4pm
Saturday 21.05 10am-12
Monday 30.05 2-4pm

No previous experience required. Learn the basics of wet felting and create a flower (which can be used as an accessory or as a home decor). Classes limited to 6 people.

Felt vessels – Full day workshops with a break for lunch (please bring your own)
Friday 13.05 10am-4pm
Thursday 19.05 10am-4pm
Tuesday 31.05 10am-4pm

Create a 3D object using raw wool and wet felting techniques. Advanced level. Previous felting experience required. Classes limited to 4 people.

Coming up in June/July:

Felt a book/ journal cover (suitable for children).
Felt a flower bouquet.
Felt a clutch purse.
Felt an iPod, iPad, laptop, smartphone ... case.
Jewellery making basics – Beads and ropes – wet and needle felt techniques.

Private classes*
Spinning – min 2h per session. 
Know your spinning wheel. Learn to use it. Master new spinning techniques. Spin a designer yarn.

Knitting – 1-3h sessions. 
Learn to knit continental style (lace, cables and twisted stitches), read charts and patterns. Learn about the yarn substitutions, fixing mistakes, blocking and looking after your knitwear.

*Private classes have a flexible booking system so you can work around your current schedule.

  • Some of you may have heard already about FondeliFair a new IRISH website dedicated to Arts and Crafts. The site launches on the 30th of May so you still have few weeks to get this name memorised.
FondeliFair is a platform that combines a marketplace with a blog host and social community. Think ETSY/eBay/DoneDeal meets blogger/wordpress and facebook. Handy! It's all in one place, no need to leave the house at all. 
Alice, the Mastermind behind Fondelifair writes: "People blog about crafts, people sell their crafts online, people talk on forums about their crafts. But there is no site that lets you do all of this in the one place, this is why I developed Fondelifair".
Weather you're looking for unique items, designed and made in Ireland, or a place to blog about your craft and share your passion this is a site for you. You're sure to meet a bunch of people like minded people, exchange tips, talk about new ideas, techniques, materials, craft fairs, workshops etc.

I've set up a website there, part of which is a twin site to this blog. From now on, every time I post here, same message will be posted on my fondelifair blog. I am working on my shop design and slowly add new items to the inventory. I hope to have a nice "full" shop for the launch day but need few sunny days to take photos of my recent work and that might be simply too much to ask for. I fear that we've already HAD a Summer and now it's just rain, rain and... more rain. But maybe (and hopefully) I am wrong and there's a marvellous sunshine predicted for the emerald island in the near future. For now though, I have the bloomin' cupcakes to brighten my day:


  1. Piękne kwiaty, te czułki w środku zabójcze! Bardzo mi się podobają!

  2. I love your new display stand! The flowers look perfect on it.
    For your vessels...have you tried using a rubber ball which you can inflate with a straw? Something like this:

  3. @Kankanka - Dzieki! Ciesze sie ze kwiatki przypadly Ci do gustu. Czułki zakupione na ebayu, za psi grosz.

    @Heather Woollove - I used a balloon for the square(ish) one. Thanks for the link, the ball would have been much better! I am going to get one (or few in different sizes). I also made myself a small wooden tool, based on one I'd seen at Nicola's place ( which hopefully will help shaping and getting the wrinkles out.